Acerca de

NIDTEC es un centro de investigación que ayuda al desarrollo de soluciones novedosas a problemas de relevancia de la comunidad nacional e internacional.


NIDTEC is a research center that aims to develop novel solutions for problems of relevance to the national and international community.


To create and discover scientific knowledge and advanced technological tools for important problems for the society by developing all necessary resources to meet our goals.

Our Goal

To be leaders in technological solutions for energy, environment and industry in order to contribute to the sustainable knowledge, competitiveness and security of Paraguay.

Our actions are based on the following principles.

Ethics: we aim to conduct research and development in a safe and responsible manner.

Innovation: we prioritize technology transfer and know-how to industry.

With respect to our financiers, the community and our collaborators:

  • We aim to produce high quality research for the community.
  • We believe in equality of opportunities for all people from Paraguay and the world.
  • We value intellectual excellence.
  • We look for cooperative work with academic societies and scientists from the entire world, and in particular, from the National University of Asuncion.