Charla sobre “Dynamic study and control for the movement of flat plate type wing for an ornithopter”

César Francisco Bogado Martínez, MSc., COPPE/UFRJ, BR

Fecha: 19/12/2016, 09h


In this work, we study the dynamic and wing control of an ornithopter in a level flight. It was adopted for wing model a rigid flat plate connected to the body of the bird by a ball joint, providing three degrees of freedom for the system. To model the dynamics of flight and movement of the wings was adopted the hypothesis that the bird was flying at a constant speed in a horizontal rectilinear trajectory. From the definition of the model to be studied were determined equations for the kinematics and dynamics of the mechanism, showing results consistent with the movement trajectories of wings that were simulated. For the control of these trajectories was analyzed system stability and studied linear and non-linear control techniques, with the results obtained from the feedback linearization control method. Based on the achieved results it can be concluded that the proposed method is able to efficiently control the system studied, but the simplifying assumptions made, mainly by reducing the number of degrees of freedom from five to three, and the flat plate model for the surface of the wing, should be considered in a future unfolding of this work. The control system responses indicate that partial compensation had provided decrease in the use of computational resources without degrading the desired response. The modeling and all simulations were implemented in Matlab and Simulink.